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Graphic & Web Design 
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What is the Theo Internship?

It's a chance to be creative, learn new skills, show off the ones you have and be part of a team.

Get your creative juices flowing
Learn from trained professionals 
Be part of a team & have fun along the way!
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So who is the team behind...

the Theo Internship? 

We are a Wix website design agency called, Let's Design Your Site. Our mission is to design for businesses, big and small, from all walks of life the website they have always envisioned. 

In 2020 we kicked it up a notch by hiring more professionals to scale and add more value to our clients. 

This also included our intern and friend, Theo Menswar. Theo had been battling hospital halls for the better part of his teens and early twenties. In 2021 we took Theo on as an intern & designer to grace us with his intelligences and creative intuition. 

One thing Theo mentioned to our team was how joining us made him feel purposeful. When we unfortunately lost Theo to COVID in early March, the word purpose rang in our ears. 


Work with our team no matter where you are in the world. 

Your illness does not define you. 


The Theo Internship is for...

  • Teens & young adults who are in and out of the hospital due to an illness. 

  • Interest in web design on the Wix platform. 

  • Interest in graphic design (logos, digital brochures etc.)

  • Interest in learning about small business & start ups. 

  • Desire to be part of a team setting! 

We Offer 

  • Paid internship! 

  • Flexible time & schedule

  • Assistance from our team! 

  • Free educational resources and online classes from Wix themselves! 

The Internship
Apply Today! 

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