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Our $1,000 Guarantee 

Refund Policy

The Tech Savvy Credit Repair Promise to you is as follow

Same day service (within 24hrs of sign up). 

We back up our services with a $1,000 guaranteed refund policy. Yes $1,000 will be refunded to you if we don't do our job. 

Permanent removals. (meaning when we remove an account, it will never show up at a later date, EVER). 

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Have one of these credit issues?We can Help!


Charge Offs

Late Payments

Medical Bills

Students Loans


Tax Liens


Child Support


Welcome to Tech Savvy Credit Repair USA in Concord NH. We have re-branded, gone nation wide, and have a staff of over 800 credit agents to help you. Imagine a credit dispute system where there were no letters. Imagine technology doing all of the work AND you being able to keep track of the communication between the software and the credit bureaus?

Seriously, think about it. How cool would that be, to be able to baby sit the company that is actually working on your behalf ?

About Us

Getting Started Is Easy

Step 1:

Contact our credit

repair experts for a

zero obligation credit


Step 2:

Go over your credit report

line by line

to see what is hurting your score.

Step 3:

You get your

credit back and

your financial life

under control

Our Results Speak for Themselves

"Tech Savvy Credit Repair helped me fix my credit and allowed me to purchase the truck of my dreams!"

Ryan - Concord, New Hampshire

Blue Pickup Truck
Buying a House

Traditional Credit Repair Can Take Years

"My ex-husband left me broke and with a terrible credit score. Now I can buy my house and the car of my dreams"

Kellie - Boscawen, New Hampshire

Credit Repair FAQ


What is our system or

credit repair?

We use a full tech driven credit system. In basic terms, we have done away with dispute letters. We don’t send you dispute letters to mail out for us nor do we even need any result letters that are mailed to you by the Credit Bureaus. Our dispute system is full automation that we give you back office access too, so you can see the progress all in real time.

What is our system or

credit repair?

Can credit repair work
for me?

Can credit repair work for me?

If you follow our action plan and credit analysis PDF that is provided to you once you are processed, then the sky is the limit. We can improve 100% of our clients credit reports if the action plan is followed as directed.

Is credit

repair legal?

We’ve been in business for 17 years with no complaints with any State Attorney General, so the answer…


IS YES! It’s Legal if done the right way.

Is credit
repair legal?

Is credit repair expensive?

Is credit repair expensive?

Absolutely not. Each file is tailored to your budget depending on what is being reported, but we do have $0 sign up fees and 30 day delayed billing. So, you’ll start receiving results before your 1st payment is due.

How long does credit repair


Our contracts are for 12 months. Our system is constantly scrubbing your negative accounts during that 12 months while we focus on the other factors that are affecting your scores.

How long does credit repair

How much can credit repair boost my score?

How much can credit repair boost my score?

Well, with other companies, that’s a risky proposition to take and you increase your chances of being scammed, but with our system since we guarantee our results with a $1000 money back guarantee policy, you can expect if the action plan is followed, a minimum of 100 points. We’ve have see a max of over 250 points on some of our files, but on average, expect 100 points.

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