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Sell Your House Fast In And Around Montreal


Hi, We're 

Montreal HomeBuyers!


We are a group of investors looking to buy more properties in and around Montreal!
We buy Houses, Condo's, Revenue Properties and Land. 
Contact us today in order to get a fair price on your property! 

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Want To Sell Your House Fast?

  • We buy houses in any condition, any location and any price!

  • Receive an offer in less than 24 hours!

  • We pay CASH, which makes the closing process quicker!

  • We can close as quickly as 7 days or within the time frame that best fits your needs

  • You will not pay any commissions!


Want more information?

Fill this out below and receive an offer in less than 24 hours

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The Traditional Way

Multiple visits and people walking through your space


60 - 120 day Closing Process

Pay 5-7% commissions (+15% Sales Tax)

Deal w/ multiple Real Estate Brokers

Home inspection with unknown inspector

Your home must be appraised for mortgage approval

​Your home gets lost in the 1,000s of homes on the MLS

Leasing a Home
Our Way

You Pick the closing date

Can close in 7 days or less

Pay no Brokerage commissions

No negotiations

Only deal with one party

Your home gets purchased by one of our investors

No waiting, no headache, no worry

Financing already available

Flexible conditions

Selling Your Property?
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We are a quick solution to get you a

Fair and Fast offer on their property. 

We only purchase properties where all parties are satisfied.  

We endeavor to understand each client's unique situation and provide them with creative solutions to meet their specific needs. Sometimes selling isn't the best option.

While other investors may require precious time to get loans and financing approved, we ARE the end buyer with cash available NOW to close quickly. All of our investors are prequalified and ready to buy more properties now. 

Sell Your House in Days

Quick Sale | Fair Price | Simple Closing

How it works

Fill out our form

with property details

Receive a call within 24 hours to discuss price

Meet at your property

to reviews its condition

Review & sign offer

and set a closing date


Key benefits of selling your house through

Property Buying Companies

Immediate cash

House buying companies like ours pay cash and can close in 7 days or less if needed. As you are aware, most buyers need to get approval from their banks, banks need to have the property appraised, this process alone can take up to 30 days. To find out that your buyer isn't qualified. 

Flexible payment options

House buying companies are creative and think outside the box. Here are some of the ways house buyers buy properties that you might not be aware of. 
(Cash purchase, Options, Lease-Options, Land-Contracts, Get the deed and many more) 

Quick closings

Did you know house buying companies close deals within 7 days? How is that possible? As you are well aware that the sale of the property is not dependent on approved financing, appraised values, home inspections, or the like; bypassing all of these steps expedites the process considerably.

No renovations

With property buying companies, you find  house buyers in Montreal who are willing to purchase your house “as is” and many times without even seeing your property. So, as a seller this allows you to avoid those costly repairs, no need to spend on cleaning or deal with paperwork etc

No commission fees

House buying companies do not charge any commissions or fees. The deal is transparent and works in everyone's favor. There is a multitude of solutions for different types of sellers. 

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Why would I need to sell my house quickly?

Many reasons, including ...
  • Inheritance

  • Taxe issues

  • Fed up of tenants

  • Moving out of province

  • Divorce

  • Estate sale

  • Abondoned Properties

  • For Sale by Owner

  • Late on mortgage payments

  • Stressful environment

  • Bankruptcy

  • Need or want to sell quickly 

  • Needs money to invest in other properties

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Hey Montreal,
Would you rather go with us or an agent?

The first thing that comes to your mind when you want to sell your house fast in Montreal  is to find a trustworthy real estate agent. However, in such a situation real estate agents would not be the right option. When selling with real estate agents it is almost impossible to find reliable house buyers in Montreal as quickly as you may think. In addition to all this, you have to pay a commission to the agent after they arrange the deal for you.

Call us Today 514-612-4513!

A 5 min phone call can save you several months and thousands of dollars!

 - On average a home in the Greater Montreal takes 4-6 months to sell.

- Brokers on average charge 4%-6% commission plus you must pay 15% tax on that amount

Call or Fill out our form today to see if we can strike a deal! 

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